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Son Jung Wan Spring/Summer 2020

Son Jung Wan's Spring/Summer 2020 collection tells the story of splendor meets retro with color, the collection highlighted the glamour of vintage wear in a modern twist. The collection features embroidered dresses full of different layers of iridescent fabrics; a rose gold gown entwined with floral print, array of electric blue gowns, and a neon mint dress that screams splendor.

Happy birthday!

Ladies and gents,

October marks the second anniversary of von Ruhm - or as I refer to it: Happy birthday, baby!

Thank y'all so much for your support, love, hugs, high fives, the pre-show coffees and the post-show wines.

Dankeschön! X

Caroline Lagerfelt Interview

Caroline Lagerfeld's decision to become an actress took her parents by surprise, to say the least. New York would soon become her new home on her path to Broadway.

The charismatic Swede talks to us about her childhood as the daughter of an ambassador, her beginnings as an actress and her political activism.

Dr. Ruth Interview

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is not only a well-known sex therapist but also a successful author. We met the 87-year old Dr. Ruth to talk about her latest book, dating and the smartphone generation.